Preserve the Dunes, Inc. is a grass roots, not-for-profit organization. Our purpose is to protect the sand dunes of southwest Michigan from harm and destruction. We were formed in 1997 when the DEQ issued an illegal permit for the operation of a sand dune mine in a critical dune area of Michigan. We have successfully stopped another mine from being permitted and pressured the Office of Geological Survey within the MDEQ to enforce mining laws, regulations and permit conditions. Since then we have broadened our area of concern and action as stated in our mission statement.

Preserve the Dunes has support from over 1,200 citizens, and continues the fight to protect Michigan sand dunes because they are an irreplaceable natural resource. We also strive to offer educational opportunities to increase awareness and appreciation of sand dune ecosystems. Recently, we held the second Critical Dunes Residential Design Awards
and published a booklet of the winning entries and design principles for dune homes.

Every year Preserve the Dunes sponsors classes at Sarett Nature Center where children take a guided field trip to local sand dunes to learn about the geology and ecology. Preserve the Dunes also hosts Dune Walks where experts take participants on guided tours of unique sand dune ecosystems, and point out and describe plants, animals and habitats that are found there.

Consider supporting Preserve the Dunes’ efforts to increase protection and awareness of the unique sand dune ecosystems found in southwest Michigan with a tax deductible donation.