DEQ: Singapore Dunes Can Be Permitted

After many years of opposition by local citizens and environmentalist the DEQ has determined that a permit can be issued for the development of Singapore Dunes. The property is 300 acres on Lake Michigan, north of the Kalamazoo River in Saugatuck and is part of what has been known as the Denison Property.

DEQ Director Dan Wyant notified the developer, Singapore Dunes LLC, that the permit can be approved subject to a few modifications to the December 5, 2013 plans.

The letter settles the issue of where the access road will be located. The DEQ agreed that the proposed route of the access road is “the least impacting to the critical dune area.” Minor revisions have been requested that will minimally reduce the area necessary to construct the road, such as 1)steeper cross slopes on areas of fill, 2)use of retaining walls where cross-slopes exceed 1:3 and 3)use of methods other than Gabion type retaining walls.

Reportedly, the DEQ has also asked for modification of the conservation easement.

We understand that the number of houses to be built has been reduced from 19 to 17. At present we cannot confirm this or what other revisions have been made since the submittal was made in late summer.

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