Now the Legislature Has Attacked Wetlands Protection

We received the following email from Freshwater Future calling for action that can preserve the current protection for wetlands in Michigan. The law is also opposed by Michigan Environmental Council and Tip of the Mitt.

Take a moment and make a call to the governors office.

Michigan’s Wetland Protections Are At Risk

Michigan’s wetlands are at serious risk and need your help. Can you take one minute to send an email or make a call and tell Governor Snyder to Veto SB 163?

On June 12, 2013, the Michigan House passed SB 163 which would weaken wetlands regulations in Michigan and threaten our state’s authority to continue regulating our wetlands under the Section 404 program. Otherwise, the management program would be taken over by the federal government.

Now it’s up to Governor Snyder to protect the Great Lakes by vetoing this bad bill.

Wetlands are some of our most valuable resources – they provide homes for wildlife, maintain water quality and protect us from floods. This is a bad bill because:

Arguably, it fails to comply with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and could result in the loss of local program management currently held by Michigan.

The bill will increase program costs by placing more burdens on state agencies and create delays in permitting.

The bill exempts certain activities, reduces mitigation requirements, and changes what wetlands are regulated, all of which reduces wetland protection in Michigan.

The bill reduces clarity and predictability by changing language currently used by state agencies to define which wetlands are regulated by the state.

Tell Governor Snyder to veto SB 163 now!,4668,7-277-57827-267869–,00.html

Thank you for taking a minute for Michigan’s wetlands!

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