TechniSand Gets Two More Years

In early July after a request from Technisand, the Hagar Township Board by a vote of 4 to 1 extended the mining permit for the Nadeau Site sand dune mine. Mining will continue for an additional 24 months until June 30, 2012. Restoration is to be completed and approved by the DEQ no later than December 31, 2013.

The extended mining period was justified by a 24 month period when mining was prohibited by the appellate court.

The area yet to be mined is located primarily in cell unit 7, of which about 9-acres is located in the critical dune area. Prior to mining, these dunes stored rain water and snow melt that was gradually released into Rogers Creek during subsequent dry periods. Their removal has decreased flow in the creek during dry periods.

The original mining plan showed two lakes, which were potential amenities for the township. The Technisand representative reported that the lakes will probably not be constructed.

Several citizens complained about the heavy and noisy truck traffic along the Blue Star High- way. It was suggested that the trucking company, Harris Trucking, could reduce the noise level with simple maintenance of their trucks. No response was offered by Technisand.

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