Palisades Nuclear Plant Closure Scheduled

Emtergy will close the Palisades nuclear power plant in 2018 in a December 8 press release as reported by MLive. “Entergy recognizes the consequences of a Palisades shutdown for our approximately 600 employees who have run the plant safely and reliably, and for the surrounding community, and we will work closely with both to provide support during the transition,” said Leo Denault, Entergy’s chairman and CEO, in the release.

The plant is located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Covert, Michigan and has been in operation since December 1971. There has been a history of safety problems, violations and shutdowns that have been increasing recent years. Neighbors and environmentalist have been concerned about the plant for years. It was under increased NRC oversight for the first three quarters of 2015 due to its failure to accurately calculate radiation doses to workers during an activity in 2014. Palisades is licensed by the NRC to operate through March 24, 2031.

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