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Ross Coastal Plain Marsh Preserve

Ancient sand dunes from the shores of postglacial Lake Nipissing created a mosaic of botanical communities on this beautiful and environmentally important 1,449-acre preserve, the most outstanding being three coastal plain marshes. These wet meadows occur in sandy basins along the shores of small lakes and ponds and harbor plants and animals ordinarily found in marshes along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
The preserve contains wooded inland dunes, wetlands, small lakes and northern hardwood forests. The diverse flora includes eight species that are either endangered or rare, including globe-fruited seedbox, meadow beauty, appressed bog clubmoss (Lycopodiella subappressa) and netted nut-rush

The Nature Conservancy will host an introductory meeting for persons interested in volunteering at the Preserve. You can learn more about what the Preserve offers and the volunteer program by attendiing the event on June 4th at 7-8 p.m in the Edna Norris Classroom at the Sarett Nature Center at:

2300 Benton Center Rd.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

Planned activities for the summer workdays will be presented, as well as tentative dates. TNC will also introduce its program to pilot a Volunteer Conservation Team that will work on the Preserve regularly throughout the summer months.

Southern Blue Flag at Ross Preserve

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