Support for White River

The property adjacent to the White River Township Dunes Sanctuary has been under threat from development for 20 years. Three times a developer has applied for DEQ permit to develop the plot. Three times a permit has been denied.

In the most recent attempt, the developer proposed an access road across the sanctuary, but he was unable to comply with the requirements of the critical dunes law.

When the developer filed suit, the court ordered arbitration. Recently an agreement was reached that gives the township 18 months to buy the land for $900,000.

The township intends to raise money for the purchase from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, and other public and private sources. In doing so, having letters of support from members of the public will be invaluable in raising the necessary funds. Next Tuesday, the Township Board is holding a community meeting prior to making a formal request for a land grant from the trust fund to help pay for the purchase.

Please take a few minutes to send an email supporting this settlement to the White River Township Board, ( Remember to include your name and address.

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