Repeal Biodiversity?

Wrongheaded Bill Is Real Threat

The Natural Resources Committee of the Michigan House of Representatives has scheduled action on Senate Bill 78 for its meeting at 8:30 AM Tuesday, December 9. This is a bad bill and if passed into law will reverse over 100 years of Michigan’s protection of biodiversity.


Passage of this wrongheaded bill will

prevent the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) from designating or classifying any area for the purpose of achieving or maintaining biological diversity.

The current version of the bill is here.

For more background on this issue, visit Michigan Environmental Council’s blog.

What You Can Do

It is very important to register your opposition to this bill. The blog makes it easy. It has email addresses and telephone numbers for the committee members. Let them know where you stand.

Michigan Radio Interview

Listen to Sierra Club’s Marvin Roberson interviewed by Public Radio. He does a great job of separating reality from “spin” about the wide-ranging negative consequences of this bill. Listen here.

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